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CSI - Retail Management System: This system is a type of automated inventory control using point-of-sale purchases, purchase orders, and sales analysis for liquor stores. The cash register polling/maintenance options allow your management personnel to electronically gain access to the store cash register sales and item movement data via connection from a central computer system.


Key Product Features:

  • Supports multiple profit centers

  • Automatic unattended register polling or real-time updating

  • Discrepancy reports flagging cost changes when entering invoices

  • A handheld scanner interface is available for transfers and taking physical inventory

  • Generates and maintains purchase orders

  • Minimum and maximum inventory quantity levels maintained automatically by the system based on item sales history

  • Multiple levels of security for cashiers and supervisors

  • Sales items can be set up as parent items with up to 20 inventory items for gift baskets

  • Retains sales item, inventory item and store history for each day of the current week, each week of the current period and each period of the current and previous years

  • Customer inquiry (such as purchase history) and item inquiry (such as quantity on hand and sales history) at the point of sale terminal

  • Maintains perpetual retail inventory for liquor stores

  • Polls and performs PLU batch maintenance on NCR cash registers

  • Supports adjective and promotional PLU pricing as well as quantity discounting by percentage or dollar amount

  • Interfaces with a variety of accounting packages such as Quickbooks

  • An Order Entry/Billing module allows entry of phone orders and e-commerce

  • Allows inventory receiving by choice of your own unique inventory numbers or by vendor product numbers

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with suppliers for sending orders and receiving invoices

  • Automatic order generation based on deal levels, sales history and future requirements

  • A cross reference feature allows item numbers to be changed while retaining old UPC numbers for phase out of existing stock

  • Hundreds of sales, inventory and profit analysis reports are included with user-defined reports also available

  • Nationwide service and maintenance available through NCR & Dell Corporations and NCR & DELL dealers


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The CSI - Point of Sale System is the "Front End" cash register software package that interfaces and works together with the CSI - Retail Management System. By using them together, these software packages will help enable you to take your business to the more modern digital level and combine it with some of today's latest technological advancements and make managing your business operations easier.


Key Product Features:

  • User friendly, easy to read Graphical User Interface

  • Programmable point-of-sale, as well as Qwerty, keyboards may be utilized with the system

  • End of Day can be configured to run manually or automatically at a set time

  • Reports may also be turned on or off

  • Time clock and time report feature enables employees to sign in and out. Time reports can then be viewed or printed at the register

  • Using the Dolphin HandHeld scanner, store-to-store inventory transfers can be scanned and uploaded to the PC. The transfer data is then sent to the Retail Management System during polling

  • Multiple cash drawer configuration (up to 4 drawers) can be utilized to allow each clerk to be set up with their own drawer at the same register

  • In bed, hand held or both types of barcode scanners may be configured for use

  • Registers can be locked and configured to require a user name and password between transactions to increase register security

  • Daily financial reports may be configured to manually or automatically print each day

  • Register polling is configurable for direct network, high-speed internet or dial up connection

  • Today’s sales can be run throughout the day at the register

  • Daily notes can be sent to the register for employees and store managers to view each day

  • Configurable security features help to deter employee theft

  • Credit card, debit card and check validation capabilities

  • Item Lookup at the point of sale with item descriptions, pricing schemes, quantity on hand, vendor information and more


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NCR RealPOS 82XRT POS Terminal - Try out the Industry Leading Point-of-Sale Supplier. The NCR RealPOS 82XRT comes equipped with the next generation architecture and helps to deliver scalability, industry-leading power, and systems management to the point-of-service. The system is designed to help to extend the POS capabilities but will not slow down the most important transaction processing. Featuring next-generation architecture with the help of support for advanced Intel® vPro technology, the NCR RealPOS 82XRT enables business agility to protect the retailer's investment for the future. The enhanced systems management capabilities work to increase uptime and helps to drive down the total cost of ownership.


Dell Optiplex Terminal - Dell computers also came equipped with the next generation architecture with affordable pricing.


Surveillance Systems - We can provide state of the art high definition cameras and recorders with P.O.S interface capabilities. We install and support 4, 8 & 16-Channel High Definition DVRs and cameras with up to 16 Terabyte hard drives and text insertion that transposes register transaction detail on video playback.


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